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a year ago

S1E29 - What Does Defund Police Mean?

Defunding Police Means Allocating Our Money To More Qualified And Trained People Suited For The Specific Call.

Episode Notes

I need to track down one of the articles with a chart but these below are good and I will add the one as soon as I can. Updates are more often added on https://www.theresthis.com/ as opposed to https://theresthispodcast.com/

Defining “Defunding The Police” - https://youtu.be/ay3tsUjTkyw

Ex-Cop Accidentally Gives Argument For Defunding Police https://youtu.be/ReUHzltGROo

In a Major Move, City ENDS Police Traffic Stops, Will Cut the Police Budget in Half https://thefreethoughtproject.com/traffic-enforcement-police-city-removes/

If you check out the previous (and future podcasts) you'll find a lot of links, resources, groups and things you can do to make this a better world.


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