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a year ago

S1E23 - Solidarity Unionism Organizing and Striking for Rights and Safety During Covid19 AND BEYOND.

Info on organizing.

Episode Notes

1. Solidarity Unionism Coordinated Strikes At Amazon & Whole Foods Succeeds! https://youtu.be/qKJXqphfuGs 2. Workers Forming New Unions Explodes! Winning Workplace Demands https://youtu.be/bXCOofgXjmY 3. The IWW (Industrial Workers of the World https://iww.org/ 4. Fired Amazon Employee Continues Organizing More Strikes! w/ Chris Smalls https://youtu.be/edOi9Yj5esM 5. A GROWING Listings of Strikes and Unions by State: https://jimmydorecomedy.com/join-a-strike/ 6. Video interview part 1 How To Start A Successful Strike During Crisis. w/Jane McAlevey https://youtu.be/Y3UeVTxZHC8 7. Video interview part 2 Many Strikes Are Coming Before Nov. Election & After. w/Jane McAlevey https://youtu.be/PH9beRXMxwk 8. Website: Jane McAlevey, union organizer, scholar, author, and political commentator. https://janemcalevey.com/ 9. Article: May 1 “general strike” at Amazon: A failed adventure by the Democratic Party and the unions https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/05/02/amzn-m02.html 10. Article: From Strike Wave to General Strike https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/04/08/from-strike-wave-to-general-strike/ 11. Website: Be Freedom https://befreedom.co/ 12. Bitchute, a video sharing service like Youtube but peer to peer (or so they claim). I'm just sharing the link, I can't vouch for their policies or anything. If you want a secure non censored video sharing service then please read up and let me know of any I should add. https://www.bitchute.com/ 13. SIGNAL APP secure, encrypted open source text and voice communication for Android, iOS and desktop. https://signal.org/ 14. MeWe (social media) https://mewe.com/ also note... if you sign up for MeWe or Minds and you find it not busy, it's just like when you signed up for Facebook where you had to make friends and join groups for it to be busy. So please don't write those 2 off by forgetting what it was like on Facebook back when you first signed up. 15. Minds (social media) https://www.minds.com/ 16. There are some Twitter alternatives but I have not researched them at all, so feel free to do so please and let me know if you find anything good.

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