"There's This Podcast"
There's this podcast about making this a better world + some music, a few giggles ... and more!
5 months ago

S1E32 - Medicare4All and why our reps should hold their vote for Pelosi being Speaker.

Why they should hold their vote and what YOU can do!

8 months ago

S1E31 - Illogical And Dangerous Police Behavior And Possibly Policy.

WHY Do Police Assume Armed Vigilantees Or Open Carry People Are Safe?

8 months ago

S1E30 - Kenosha Police And Dangerous Media Hypocrisy. Podcast And Links.

Police and media treat a VICTIM bad and a MURDERER good, some about that and some you can do.

9 months ago

S1E29 - What Does Defund Police Mean?

Defunding Police Means Allocating Our Money To More Qualified And Trained People Suited For The Specific Call.

9 months ago

S1E28 - Rambling Rant On Police and Feds Abusing People Etc

Lots of wrongs and a few ways we can change things for the better.

9 months ago

S1E27 - Protests and Feds in Portland and beyond including what you can do

Links and resources to awaken and things YOU can do to help change things for the better.

a year ago

S1E26 - Police Horribly Abusing People And Rights And SOME OF WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Many links, resources and more to awaken and make positive change happen.

a year ago

S1E25 - George Floyd, A Broken System, Some You Should Know, Some You Can Do.

Much info and things YOU can do to help change things for the better.

a year ago

S1E24 - Workers Strike Across The Nation!

Info, resources and more on getting involved!